Cute Stamps!

Hello there! Happy Monday!

I hope this Monday goes smoothly and you have a great week 🙂 and an awesome holidays!

I wanted to share the new stamp sets from the Sweet Stamp Shop December release.

I made this card with the set I thought was the best and cutest, all of them are great but this one is really fun… the quilt-stitch set… check them out, you will want to buy them all! (perfect Christmas gift for yourself)

I happened to have these papers that the patterns went pretty well with the subject, so I used two papers for this design, always similar palette or at least I tried 🙂 hehe and I wanted to add some details besides the patterns and the stamp, so I thought of adding these cute wood veneers that I had… just like flying away from the sewing machine, or that’s what it looked like in my head 🙂 lol

So here it is…

December 22nd post

If you want to find the sweet stamps you know where to find them! Sweet Stamp Shop!

Also, don’t forget to stop by the Sweet Stamp Shop Blog and their Instagram for more inspiration and cool projects! 🙂

Visit also my Instagram page for more upcoming projects!

Thankssss and have a lovely week!

Besos! Ro


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