Happy almost Thanksgiving..!

Hi there! Happy Friday my friends!

How are you doing? I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!

So… I know I’m a little ahead here and we are still in October, but I really wanted to share this super easy Handmade card to do for Thanksgiving…. really simple and easy!

You only need the right stamps, which you may find them in the Sweet Stamp Shop (where I got mine)

In this card I used the October release Holiday Sentiments set and Fall Leaves, which I find really useful, whit lots of holidays hehe, I did talked about it in my last post, I’m technically obsessed with them..! 🙂

This card is pretty easy…. you need:

– One card stock preferable A2, your choice of color, I think brown goes well with this earthy card.

-Holiday Sentiments and Fall Leaves Stamp Sets

-Gold embossing powder

-Copic markers (YR12 – YR14 – Y00 – Y02 – YG03 – G21 – E 13 – E15) I used my copic markers, but maybe you prefer other tools to use, like color pencils, watercolor, etc, that’s completely up to you.

-Black ink

-Thanksgiving inspired color paper, in this case I chose this copper looking paper.

– Glue and 3D foam squares with adhesive.

After you have all your materials (you can alter or improvised the materials named above, I do it all the time hahaha) you start by stamping the leaves with the blank ink, let it dry for a couple minutes before you start to color them.

Cut your color paper and glue it to the card stock, in a different piece of paper you can stamp the “Happy Thanksgiving” message and emboss it with the gold powder, after you heat up the gold powder you may add some 3D foam squares on the back so you can glue it with some depth, this way you start playing with shadows, and your card is not completely flat.

After you colored the leaves, you can cut them so you can start gluing them on the card… add  3D foam squares to some of them so you add different depth to that area… and you are done!


Sets used:

Holiday Sentiments Set

Thank you so much and I hope to see you soon!

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Happy Birthday Card!


Love combining patterns into one design… here you can see tow samples of a Happy Birthday card where one is simple and with a little bit of color, and the other it’s bolder in color and pattern.
I like doing opposites sometimes, depending on my mood haha 🙂
Hope you like them!
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